10+ Amazing Sculpted Dog Cakes

If you are a dog lover then these cakes are for you! From life size dachshunds to pugs in bags there is a breed favourite for everyone.

Edible sculptor Hannah (The Cake Illusionist) spends her nights working in cake and sugar to create these hyper-realistic dog cakes for clients all over the UK. Scroll on to see just a few of her cakes.

Japanese Akita Cake

Beautiful edible airbrushing and glistening, life like eyes make these cakes stand out in the crowd. The every popular Japanese Akita above.

Dog Du Bordeaux Sculpted Cake

The shiny nose and muscle tones really show through on this powerful Dog Du Bordeaux cake

Structured Standing Dachshund Cakes

If you have two dogs and can’t decide between the two why not have both sculpted. At full size these two were still only 25cm at the top of their heads!

Three bulldogs and a pug – all cake.

If you have four dogs – well it would be terrible to leave one out wouldn’t it!

Bulldog and Staffordshire Bull Terrior Cake Friends in a sugar padding pool

Then there are the posh pooches who have their own paddling pool to luxuriate in. (All cake and sugar!)

Cake Pups in another bag? Golf this time…

If it’s not a paddling pool it’s a golf bag….

Handbag dog! Pug in a bag – all cake

Or a handbag…

Racing Greyhound Cake

Check out the rib cage, oversized paws and elongated neck on this greyhound cake. Details make the breed.

Husky Cake

Huskies have to THE most popular dogs of all time, and their owners are a breed all of their own!

Watch this space for new breeds coming this year!


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