Amazing Dragons….

I was approached to make a dragon cake for a 10th birthday party. It became clear very quickly this wasn’t to be any normal dragon cake though – it had to be massive at a metre long, it had to be threatening with teeth bared and wings mantled. It had to red and needed to be packed full of details and texture. They also asked if it was possible for the dragon to have glowing eyes and even asked if it was possible for it to breathe real fire!

Heat and cake / sugar is a disastrous combination – not one to be beaten though and loving a challenge I set about creating this epic dragon, complete with a ‘flame proof’ mouth. He’s all cake including his head with his wings being stretched sugarpaste over a modelling chocolate skeleton.

This glorious cake was finished off with edible bones, hand-painted chocolate eggs, cake pop rubble, biscuit sand and sweet sticks and twigs.

You couldn’t get the grin off my face after seeing the reaction to this cake by the birthday boy and his friends. None of the adults at the party could get over the fact it was all cake either – makes every late night and overcoming every challenge worthwhile. Just amazing.

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