Because no-one can resist that look…

Receiving cake requests from clients feels like Christmas morning – what will I get asked to make? How big will it be? How many techniques, twists and turns will I need to use and take in the whole process?

What will the next masterpiece be that I add to my portfolio?

Well, when the lovely Sarah got in touch – her request did not disappoint.. it was big, beautiful, and no matter how much Night Fury it might give, I accepted the challenge!

Have you guessed it yet… with his jet black scales and emerald green eyes, the beautiful Toothless came to life.

Sarah’s reaction on delivery was priceless, and her kind words that followed gave that wonderful warm fuzzy feeling…

“Well, what can I say? AMAZING!! The absolute highlight of Ren’s 21st. Thank you so much Hannah for yet another masterpiece!!”

And here he is… gorgeous green eyes and all 🤩💚

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