Bespoke 1-2-1 classes

As well as teaching group classes i also teach one-to-one’s. When Karrin approached me for a one-to-one i showed her all of the usual class options and asked her which one she wanted to learn. That’s when she showed me the amazing sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn and asked if I could teach her how to re-create it in cake.

Initially I thought it wasn’t going to be possible as it would require such a complex internal structure, the balance of weight is all over the place with this sculpture. I then very quickly decided that although it was impossible I wanted to do it, as creating the impossible is the fun bit for me.
I also knew if we were going to do it it had to be cake top to bottom (no polystyrene) and I also wanted the globe to be edible. If you are going to take on a challenge, you might as well make it as challenging as possible eh…
So challenge accepted I set about working out the structure which Karrin’s carpenter husband kindly built it for her, whilst Karrin baked the cakes for the class. On the class day itself we stacked, filled, sculpted, detailed and airbrushed the cake. I’d decided a hand-cast chocolate sphere would be the best option for the globe so set about casting that and we added that to the design to finish it all off.
Stepping back and looking at what we had achieved was an amazing feeling, this class had stretched my skills and i’d been able to take Karrin with me on a journey into unknown cake territory as well, teaching her how to create a really complex structure, sculpt, detail, work the icing to look like fabric, airbrush and detail an incredible difficult cake design.
Proud of us both for this one, what a great day it was.

Karrin sitting with the finished cake.

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