British Wildlife Trio

The brief was inspired by the couple’s love of British wildlife and the foxes, badgers and bluetits that frequently visited their countryside garden.
The fox was vanilla with damson plum jam nose to tail with the badger being layers of salted caramel cake. The tiered cake contained tiers of caramel cake, guiness and chocolate cake and pineapple and coconut. It served around 250 people.
The whole piece was a showstopping 4 feet wide and over 2 feet tall and made a huge impact at the venue.

My lovely client stood with her trio of cakes.

She also sent me this amazing feedback. My work is a passion, bordering on obsession at times. It’s everything to me ao when people are kind enough to send me messages like this it makes my absolute day. Thank you Louise for giving me the freedom to create such a creative piece for you.
"Dear Hannah,Just to let you know the cake went down a storm!
Everyone was amazed by it, and it made a wonderful centrepiece.My parents were so happy and amazed with the cake. My dad particularly liked the fox, but my mum liked the badger.
The flavours were delicious. Most of the top 2 layers had gone by the end of the night, although some was as samples to take away. I now have the badger, and my parents the fox.
Thank you for all your professional preparation, intuitive ideas and fabulous communication. I am so glad the whole cake came together as envisaged."

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