The lovely people at PWM comms called me to ask if I could make a birthday cake for Breakspear Parkwho were celebrating their 30th birthday.
Only issue is that with over 500 staff in the building it needed to be a BIG birthday cake!
They had an 80’s theme to the day and wanted a bright 80’s colouring combined with a whimsical happy cake to go with their other events – a GIANT cupcake seemed to fit the brief.
This cake contained 250 eggs in it, 12kg of butter, sugar and flour, 5kg of white chocolate ganache, 6 jars of strawberry jam, 5kg of buttercream and around 10kg of icing and stood around 1 metre high over 9 tiers of cake.
It took three of us to get it to it’s final destination and onto the stand. Definitely one GIANT cupcake…
Happy birthday Breakspear Park!!!