Dancing On Ice

When the production crew for Dancing On Ice emailed me I knew it would be a fun brief.

Sure enough it was the lovely Joe Swash’s birthday on one of the show practice days so they were looking for a cake to present him from the ITV crew that would be featured in his VT.

There really was only one way to go with this so of course I created an iceskate cake and added Joe’s signature along the side for a touch of flare.

The colours were to be white and blue to match the show’s branding

Happy birthday Joe from everyone at ITV! I hope you had a great birthday and a successful week on the show. <3

All cake suspended on a 5mm ‘iceblade.’
Joe blowing out his candles live on Dancing On Ice
Scores on the doors for the pair on the night.

Thank you ITV for the trust. <3

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