Easter Cakes don’t come any cuter than this…

With Easter on the horizon all thoughts are turning to what cake to do for our Easter treats table! It wouldn’t be Easter without an adorably cute cake taking centre-stage so I’ve put together a few ideas to trigger your imagination and get you salivating!

Let’s take a look shall we?

labdrador puppy, cute cake, sweet cake, adorable puppy, animal cake

Cakes or dogs don’t come much cuter than a Labrador puppy! Throw in a pink blanket and matching bow and it’s all the feels here. Everybody say awwwwwww

If you think this is impossible for you to achieve? Think again my friend. It’s actually one of my beginner cake sculpting classes over on the online sculpting school.

Easter Bunny Cake, Easter rabbit cake, Rabbit Cake

Of course it wouldn’t be an Easter cake if we didn’t bring out the bunny himself now would it? Is there a more Easter-y cake out there? Is Easter-y even a word! Who knows! This fella is real though at 70cm high and alllllllll cake! Amazing! If this rabbit feels a bit beyond you I have a 1hr live easy sculpt demo for a gorgeous spring rabbit cake over on my You Tube channel here... Maybe start there and work up to the big fella?

Of course what goes with Easter rabbits? Easter ducks! Posh ones of course in hat and shawl – complete with trailing roses and spring colours (and my super cute then small son thrown in for scale.) Nawwwwwww. These two stow-stopping cakes were made as a pair for two siblings, and I loved every second of sculpting them!

Now it wouldnt be Easter without eating your body weight in chocolate so you could always ditch the ‘cute animal’ theme and just go all out with a chocolate overload instead! How about this chocolate fountain cakescape complete with swirly lollies, dreamy macs, home made cake pops, toadstool cupcakes and all manner of other wonderous things! We promise we won’t tell a soul you did it and you can always throw in a rabbit of two for good measure!

I still think it’s still pretty darn cute either way and I’d definitely put my face into that fountain (no judgement here!)

If the chocolate angle is a bit OTT (go wash your brain out for even thinking it!!!) Ok, joking – what about a cute pastel number with sugar sphere spiral and classically cute yet simple mini Easter figurines? It’s actually a very simple yet effective design as the sugar sphere’s are just small polystyrene balls wrapped in sugarpaste and dusted with pearl lustre and attached with cocktail sticks.

Finally let’s jump back to cute animals. Just because I’m a sculptor at heart and they always win in my eyes no matter what…

If there is one animal that shouts spring time Easter feels for me it’s baby deer. Bouncing around after their mothers and making the most of the bright mornings. I genuinely don’t think I have a cuter cake than this! And as it’s sculpted out of a simple 8-inch cake it’s really a very easy win for maximum impact and not so much effort. (My fave kind of cake!)

Isn’t it the absolute sweetest little sculpt ever? And the good news is it’s a 1hr fast sculpt on my Facebook page so you can watch step-by-step how to make your very own version. Decorate with buttercream grass and a few simple sugar flowers and you have the most adorable Easter cake ever. I just love him.

If this selection of cakes does spark your imagination and you do go on to create something gorgeous for Easter I’d really love you to show me! It’s my favourite thing to see what other people make and share the joy with them so please come do seek me out on my FREE Facebook community group and let’s celebrate your beautiful work together.

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