Elegant Foxes Wedding Cake

A lovely regular client of mine emailed me asking for a pair of elegant, glamorous fox cakes for her brother’s wedding.

She chose the styling and details including the lustrous gold crowns complete with edible cherry blossoms and the matching bow ties. They stood a metre tall and a metre wide and were designed to be huge impact statement pieces.

For flavours they chose salted caramel for one and red velvet for the other.

The wedding was at the incredibly stunning Wilton’s Music Hall in East London where the foxes sat on their own spotlit plinth at the back of the oldest music theatre in the world.

I’ve never had my work situated in a more awe-inspiring venue and I am eternally grateful to be commissioned to make such a striking piece for such an incredible venue.

Thank you again for trusting me with your cake Hila. xx

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