Fast Sculpt Live

At the start of lockdown last March (you know, 1,276 months ago), when my online Sculpting School and cake community grew, I started to do a Sunday night live within the Facebook group.

There was a bunch of reasons for this of course – to bring the community together, to help give my fellow cakers a free tuition to look forward to, and to share hints and tips for everyone to learn. Sometimes we focus on one area of a larger sculpt, but a few weeks ago I did a ‘one hour fast sculpt’ of a snuggly fox.

Months ago, many of my members would have met that with ‘no way can you/we/I do that in one hour’… now, as much as I am, they meet me with ‘okay, let’s go’.

Of course, when scheduling and starting these live sessions you never know who’ll turn up, and you get fully prepared to sit there for the hour talking to yourself, to still be able to publish the tutorial as a replay. But – my wonderful community showed up, and I just love them for it. We chat, sculpt, share, and laugh.

Amongst this however, I didn’t expect so many students to have taken the live as a full tutorial, so was absolutely blown away when I started to receive their pictures through of their snoozing foxes.

Once again gang, you’ve blown me away, and made me the most proud teacher in the land. Much love to you all ❤️

If you’d like to come along, check out The Cake Illusionist Sculpting School – Community on Facebook – prepare to come over to the dark side!

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