If you are a pug-lover then these cakes are for you!

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Do you love pugs? Are these flat faced wrinkly wonders your favourite dog ever? Do you dream of owning one someday or are you lucky enough to be owned by one right now? Do you play second place to someone elses pug, ever the under dog to the pug in their life? Pugs are incredibly cute and full of love – it’s no wonder they are such a popular breed! It’s not surprising then that they are one of my most requested ‘illusion cake’ designs!

Here are just a handful of my favourites from over the years.

Can you think of anything sweeter? A doleful eyed pug in a Cath Kidston style make-up bag. All sculpted cake, airbrushed details and hand painted roses make this an amazing cake for any pug lover, bonus points if they love their chintz too! If you want to know how to hand-paint edible style I have a free tutorial right here.

What’s better than one adorable pug in a cutesy cake Cath Kidston handbag? 7 of them of course!! Imagine if they were real dogs and not cake though – it would be carnage!

Pugs everywhere!!!!!

Not cute enough for your pug loving self (or buddy) Let’s go all out then with this cake. Yep, you got it, as if a pug’s saggy, baggy wrinkly rolls aren’t cute enough this little girl requested her best friend be completed in cake form with a pink tutu and giant sugar bow. Well a girl’s gotta have what a girl’s got to have, right! And if a pink and pretty pug cake is you then this one will be right up your street!

Of course pugs are a friendly breed and love nothing better than to cuddle up with their buddies. If that buddy happens to be a bunny then so be it! This client has two pets and you guessed it, they were best friends. Here they are together up in cake form, although I’m not sure how much the pug approves of being a bunny pillow!

This cake is sculpted from two separate 12″ square cakes, crumb-coated in buttercream before sculpting the details in sugarpaste. The two separate animals are then posed together before finally airbrushing and finishing. Creating more than one animal cake and working them in together is my most favourite game as it adds a layer of complexity, challenge and reality that really ticks all my boxes. It really looks incredibly effective!

Still not had enough of our favourite flat faced snufflers? Well here is four more for you! But can you spot the pug amongst the imposters?

You got it – poking his nose out second cake in from the left! Have you ever seen a cuter cake in all your life? Question is though – could you cut it?? You can’t get more of an illusion cake than this now can you!

If you have more than one pug dog in your pug-life and could NEVER pick a favourite this is an amazing way to represent all of your dogs in one single sculpted cake, that way nobody feels left out do they. It’s also a time saver design as although it is four heads, there are no bodies to worry about. Win/win – everyone is happy.

I hope you enjoyed checking out pug-life; The Cake Illusionist style!

If you want to learn to create brilliant, lifelike, sculpted illusion dog cakes of your own I’ve got a whole bunch of online tutorials over on The Cake Illusionist Sculpting School and many FREE sculpting videos on my Youtube channel.

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