Insider Dessert

The lovely guys at Insider sent me an email asking if they could come and film me creating one of my dogs. It was super short notice and right in the middle of wedding season – it seemed like it could be a fun experience though so I juggled my diary, grabbed a rejected cake out the freezer (If i am not happy with a bake for a client I freeze it and use it for sculpting practice of new class design ect. )
Th film chap arrived and we set about filming a quick version of a bulldog cake just to give people an idea of some of the techniques I use to create these animal cakes.
What i hadn’t bargained on is the video taking the internet by storm and clocking up 80 MILLION views over a week. LOL. My inbox and social media melted and so did my head.
It spun off newspaper coverage and even an invite to go on TV with my cakes!!
If you want to see what all the fuss is about or just check out a skeleton version of what i do check it out the orginal here:
It’s also now on Insider Youtube channel below which you can click on below.