‘Inspiring Small Business’

Opening up about how and why The Cake Illusionist came about has been a process for me. I’ve never wanted to be a sob story, never looked for sympathy nor do I want my past to define me. More than that most people ‘have a story’ of one kind or another and everyone carries their own scars.

It occurred to me recently though that my particular tale might just help a few people and show them that no matter how bleak life looks this minute there is a better future out there, for all of us. You just have to stand yourself up and walk towards it. So when the very cool people at Squirrels&Bear reached out I took a chance and shared a little of how my business came about and why I fought so hard to get it off the ground.

You can read about it here, I hope no one objects to the honesty and I hope even more it reaches someone who is sat there feeling like their world has ended – the brightest dawns always come after the darkest night. <3


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