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Whilst there is so much you can do to build your business and brand to attract the “unicorn clients” (and i’ve blog post all about just that here) from the outside – the best way to ensure you are working towards a better business day-by-day is to work on being a better you day-by-day.

The good stuff starts with you.

If you aren’t into this stuff and you think it’s all about sales funnels, pixel tickling and adwords then all I ask is you keep reading and reserve judgement – be open..

I believe that everything written here is extremely logical and down right obvious. It’s not star-gazing or woo-woo or pseudoscience, religious or any other ‘out there’ label that folk like to give it. It’s straight forward common sense; the kind of common sense that has been so lost in our technology driven, click-fuelled dog-eat-dog consumer-led world that people have had to come up with a bunch of names and labels for it – and go about trying to re-teach people what is so blinking obvious it’s painful.

It’s simply this. Positivity leads to positivity.

If someone smiles at you, you smile back. Giggling is infectious. Good news lifts the spirit and it doesn’t even have to be your good news!

If your other half comes home in the evening in a foul mood, it spreads round the house and sits on you all like tar.

If you have a ‘bad event’ early in the morning you tell yourself it’s going to be one of those days, then spectacularly self-fulfil your own prophecy. You’ll see the bad in everything that day, not because your day is especially disaster filled, because you set your mind’s frame to see it so from the start!

Mindset is the way we look at the world. How we frame our thoughts, the filter or lens we put over our eyes that we look out of every day. You might not know you view the world through a filter, but you do. Years of ideas that you grew up with, self beliefs, beliefs around others, community and societal beliefs ALL influence how you understand the world. What you believe to be true is just your filter on reality, and not reality itself.

Labelled by some as the Law Of Attraction*  or my preferred way of looking at it – the 2%-ers..

I came across the idea of the 2%-ers in a truly wonderful book ‘The Art Of Being Brilliant.’ If you read one book this year to help your mindset and your understanding of how to be happier I’d go for that book. It’s light reading and joyous. In fact, reading all of their books will be time well spent.

Have you ever met one of these people? The light they emit is so bright you feel like you have to put your shades on. The progress they make and the speed with which they appear to make it blows you away. They inspire you and make you wish you were drinking whatever they were drinking.

Now look at their attributes. Nothing woo-woo in there and certainly no sticking picture of sandy beaches and palm tree vistas to a vision board and repeating affirmations in front of pictures of money. No, these folks don’t wish for stuff to happen. They are doers, embracers, questers. They are on a mission to see the positive attribute in everything and everyone and they embrace change and challenge.

They do not avoid life’s traumas, they can’t. They are hit with the same issues, same set backs, same struggles. They just set their intentions to learn what life has to teach them, use the tools from their learning to advance their cause, their mission and make an active choice, an ‘every-day when you wake up’ choice.

To Be Happy And To Spread A Little Happy.  

They choose because it is totally, 100%, entirely on you, your choice to be happy. Not someday happy, not that it’ll happen when A, B, C align happy, but right now, this minute, exactly as they are no matter what.  

They choose gratitude for what they have and they practice it. They live in the present.  

They live a life in service to others.

And do you know what happens to these people? They damn well soar. Like eagles.

Their energy, passion, commitment to advancing their cause, go-get-it attitude, ability to pivot in times of trouble, to stay flexible and open, the way they treat others and demand nothing in return magnifies their successes and the success of those around them.

And people are drawn to that. It’s that simple. Positive attracts positive. So the like minded people roll in, and then the opportunities roll in and the whole darn thing spirals upwards in a glorious assentation of amazingness. It’s all total common sense stuff, not a woo-woo in sight when you actually break it down. No praying to the universe or staring at vision boards. Just simple personal, actionable steps to work on your insides so the outsides you attract match – some folk call that vibration. I prefer the idea that like attracts like.

So what qualities do you want to attract?  

I guess the main question at this point is – how the hell do we get some of that 2%-er stuff? Hey, we’d even settle for 10% where we manage to be in that brilliant, helpful, magnetic headspace most of the time and when we do fall into the gloom pits we can spot them quickly and haul ourselves out faster. Because everyone has gloom pits, it’s just how much time we spend there that’s up for consideration.

The answer first and foremost has to be forgiveness. Internally beating yourself up for failing to be happy is pointless. In fact, internally beating yourself up for anything is never going to be a good way to go.

No, this is a learned art. Finding happiness, being a more positive person, striving to be that 2%-er who you see apparently sailing across life’s choppy waters with the wind at their back and a feather in their cap – it’s a practice, a skill, an art like all else and something that needs to be worked and given energy




It isn’t something that just lands in your lap and you can’t buy it with all the money in the world. Don’t you find it curious that the happiest people in the world tend to be the ones with less ‘stuff’ and not more?

So if you have reached this far I applaud you. If you are ready to improve what you attract from the inside out then work on that today, don’t think about tomorrow as it’s never promised.

For today, this day, this hour, can you put out a little more positive into your world, into your social space, into your relationships? Can you begin to unpick and reframe your thoughts to see the sunnier side in everything, to judge a little less and search for the rainbows in the storm a little more? If there is an issue, can you ring fence the damage it has on your mood and others around you?

Just for this day.

Then can you wake up tomorrow, give thanks you were given the gift of opening your eyes and working on the small internal stuff again. Because if you can work on the small stuff, I believe the big stuff will take care of itself.

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  1. Another insightful piece – this has really made me think about my approach to things. I tend to be a cup half empty type of person and only I can change that. Guess what book I’m going to read next 🤓