Cake Art Must Haves


Great looking cakes is one thing, yet if you can’t get them to taste amazing you will always leave clients disappointed. These Foodie Flavours are my absolute favourate. They are all natural so no nasties in them, they are so strong you just need a few drops meaning you are not left battling with a super wet mix and the range of flavours are truly amazing. You can use them to flavour your sponges as well as your buttercreams. I have a cupboard full of them and would never be without the lemon, coffee and toffee to boost my recipes. 



These are my go – to tools. They are the only tools i currently use for all of my work and I simply couldn’t function without them. When metal balls in three sizes at one end and flexible silicone shapers at the other I have everything i need to sculpt eyes, create fur texture, smooth, blend and bring any cake to life. They are light weight and extremely durable. Every class i teach uses these and students always go away and immediately buy their own set as they are truly invaluable. 


This new Dragee Kiss tool has changed my life and I no longer live in fear of tiny sugar balls!! You load a hundred into the hopper on top and then just aim it gently into the pre-made hole on your cake and it simply pushes the dragees in one by one. No dropping them all over the floor because your aim is off, no frustration and fiddly fingers or hours with tweezers. The speed with which you can fill a quilted tier will make this purchase pay for itself in one order. 


Lots of smoothers out there, i have acetate smoothers for all of my tiered cakes and would never be without them. I came across these though and they are absolutely dreamy for smoothing and blending sculpted cakes and you can bend them about to get into all the nooks and crannies of the sculpts. Better than that no rigid edges to catch on your cake!! They totally won me over. 


Next level toys. It will change your life, you’ll need to save some pennies first though. Once you commit to it thought you’ll regret not doing it sooner. Even, level cakes, perfect flat tops makes the foundations of structured cakes more sturdy and perfect straight wedding cakes. 


Alot of the time now we all use Youtube or the Internet to learn new skills or research how to achieve a certain look. However there are some very special, high quality coffee table style books that are really worth owning for their in-depth  knowledge in very specific areas as well as the sheer beauty of having them around.

These are the ones I have and i go to them a lot to get me through tricky situations or where I just haven’t quite got the skill set i need to complete an order.