Power Ranger Dino Charge!!!!

Every year I throw a big birthday party for my two boys, I do it whilst they are young because they won’t let me when they are older!!
This year they are Power Ranger crazy so the theme was pretty easy. Creating the giant split Megazord/ T Rex cake complete with space for all of them and their friends to climb inside the cake … wasn’t.
It’s got the most over the top structuring system of any cake i’ve created before and is my biggest sculpted cake to date. As it was all cake it was also incredibly heavy!!
I also made dino cookies, millionaire shortbread, cake pops, dino egg cupcakes, rocky road, dipped oreos and meringues. I was officially an awesome Mum in their eyes…. for one day at least. 😉
I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking I think.
Maybe next year i’ll just pay for them to go the cinema. Ha!

Happy birthday you crazy two!!! <3

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