Rainbows and Butterflies

A very personal cake for me created for the daughter of my Mum’s best friend who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.
In an effort to have her Mum at her wedding the family organised everything in 3 short weeks, I offered to create the cake for them. I kept it joyful and bright with hidden surprises such as the tiny frog and cameleon in amongst the foliage. The butterfly on the top symbolised her Mum.
The day itself was beautiful and her Mum was there start to finish. The family got to make memories that would last them all a lifetime. Her Mum, my Mum’s best friend past away just three days later, not before managing to thank me for the beautiful cake. She was like that.
This is my favourite cake of all time, all my cakes are made out of love, this one though, had some deeper magic working in it. And I can see it every time I look at it.
For Sian. <3

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