When Lucy approached me asking for her beloved American Bulldog in cake form BUT that she wanted it running through ‘a muddy puddle’ my mind went into overdrive! I searched for photos of what that might look like and how to portray a dog in motion in cake and eventually came across a perfect image of a dog practically in mid-flight with back legs suspended in mid air with front legs powering off the ground behind.

Luckily for me I have THE best clients and Lucy was as eager as I was for me to attempt this crazy structured cake.

Supporting an entire head and body made of cake from a pair of steeply angled rods is no easy game and definitely a touch of gambling involved. It came out absolutely stunning though and i must admit to being very proud of this one!

Where there is a will, there’s a slightly crazy cake artist right here willing to find a way. Ha!

Meet Didi – at full pelt running through any muddy puddle she can find.