Student work – there’s nothing greater

Starting my online sculpting school during lockdown was crazy – from all different aspects.

Starting a new venture in such an uncertain time. Never having taught online before. Not knowing how it would be received – would all the cogs work, would anyone want to learn virtually rather than in person?

My students, as I’ve said before, are the absolute best out there. They put as much love, care and crazy-ness into their sculpts as I do – the addition of our Live sessions mean we really are growing into our own Cake Sculpting Army!

Showcasing my students work is one of the best parts of all of this – seeing their creations, the pride and love they have for their makes, and the support they give each other in our various class groups is just amazing.
I’m so grateful for every single person that has joined me on this journey so far – whether that’s for one class, or all of them!

Here’s a small showcased snippet of some recent student work – absolutely cracking eh?

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