The Cuddly Chimpanzee

After the British Bulldog online tutorial – my wonderful students were eager for more, and this time I really wanted to challenge them – enter, The Cuddly Chimpanzee.

Snuggled under a plaid blanket with his curled up feet poking out the end, this little cutie posed lots of new techniques to master, with his fur, glistening eyes, and structured hands and feet. Not to be beaten by a challenge, my online learners absolutely smashed it.

Separate to the course material, I have been doing ‘Lives’ within the private Facebook group, to work through the tricky parts of the sculpt and pinpoint techniques, hints and tips to make sure everyone can learn and thrive. We cracked it, together.

Showcasing my students work makes me the proudest teacher in the land.. check them out here, what do you think?

Creating and nurturing this growing online learning cake community – where will we go to next?

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