The gravity-defying Sculpted Bronze Horse Cake

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Teaching LIVE online classes has totally changed my way of working in the last 12 months. I had no idea of the impact it would have on students all around the world being able to learn skills like this when they can’t get to face to face classes because of location or childcare issues or even accessibility and disability constraints. Online classes are an amazing way to learn skills and because of their rewind/repeat format it means you don’t have to try and remember it all at once!

It’s always an absolute pleasure and delight to be invited back to the Sugar and Crumbs kitchen. What a fantastic time I have with this wonderful crew – and with every live feed online class I deliver – the braver and more advanced we get! The studio team and I deliver a live class, streamed online for all to join. Many choose to sculpt along with me on the day, whilst others simply watch and learn on the day (and join in the free banter and inappropriate giggles) and then sculpt in their own time at their own pace once they have the confidence of watching me sculpt it live all day.

I’m now on my 6th Sugar & Crumbs online class and the good news is that each one is still available to watch and learn! If you want to take a look at the other online live filmed sculpting classes I’ve done with S&C check here for the hyper real cat, gorgeous dog and magical dragon online classes, here for an amazing all-illusion roast dinner cake class just perfect for Christmas and here for the up and coming pasta meatballs all cake illusion class.

This stunning, fully structured, majestic and truly beautiful Bronze Horse bust class is the latest in the series. Created entirely at the request of the group who pick and choose their own themes and topics as we go along. If you join any of the upcoming classes you too will be able to influence what I teach next! I’m very happy to take requests and if I think I can teach it, I totally will! You can join my free community group here if you want to talk to me about classes you’d like to see or simply hang out with like-minded cake folk.

My classes are ALL cake, I don’t teach poly and very rarely add in rkt except for the occasional limb or trunk. My ethos is truly, if it can be done in cake it should be done in cake!

This glamorous horse bust was filmed step by step over a full day LIVE Online and includes all the pre-course materials, kit list, recipes etc. It also including pre-course structure build and was joined by over 60 students – all of whom livestreamed the class from the comfort of their own home and piled into the comments section with their questions and terrible jokes. The best bit? It’s only £40 so pocket money for life changing up-skills!

That is some pretty awesome achievement right there?

And just LOOK at what they produced…..

This is just a small selection of the sculpts created on the day. If you want to see all of the rest jump on the class and you’ll get access to the private group to see them all! Honestly, to say I’m proud doesn’t even do their skill, tenacity, and creations justice. The crew in class were so blown away by what they had achieved they are always straight onto the – what next! LOL. In fact I struggle to keep up with them creating all the classes they want to learn!

So if you are looking at this and thinking, that could be me! I wish that was me! If you want to ride the cake high all the way from one amazing class building yours skills and your confidence to the next, do sign up for my newsletter and I’ll be sure to keep you informed every time a new class hits the online airwaves – and as we slowly come through this pandemic where you can meet me in person as well!

So – what do you reckon? Is this one to add to your collection, or could this structured Bronze Horse be just the ticket to bring you through your fears and out the other side to sculpting glory?

If so, click here!

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