The Magical Dragon Machine

I was asked by Cake International to create a showpiece for their massive Birmingham show. It has taken me a whole year and a team of 70 other artists to pull it together and we presented The Magical Dragon Machine i front a 45,000 cake fans over three days last weekend.
Stats wise this cake is 7.2 foot high, 17 foot long, weighs over 100kg and contains over 500 slices of cake (which were cut, boxed and donated to a charity serving food to the homeless community of Manchester and Cardiff.)
This is no ordinary massive cake though, it has robotic wings and head, a rotating heart and breathed smoke. It had flames projected on it’s chest plate as well as the background and was surrounded by over 100 sugar pieces. It was the mother of all cake and sugar displays.
I’ll fill in more information on the most amazing project this turned into when I can catch a little more time. For now enjoy some photos and a wonderful video that Unilad did for us!

We were filmed by Extreme Cake Makers so fingers crossed you’ll see us and our big Dragon Cake on Channel 4 sometime soon!!

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