The replica World Cup trophy!

One of the things I love most about my job is the diversity; you never know what request is going to land in your inbox, who it’s going to be from, and what it’ll be for!

Recently I was contacted by Billy Wingrove – one half of The F2.

F2Freestylers, also known as The F2, are a British freestyle football duo comprising of former semi-professional footballers Billy Wingrove, and Jeremy Lynch. They are best known for their YouTube channel which has over 12 million subscribers.

Billy got in touch and requested an exact replica of the World Cup trophy ahead of a World Cup themed video he was filming. We managed to work out logistics to make the request come to life – and the cake World Cup trophy was born! The whole structure was cake, including the base, was Victoria sponge with white chocolate, and measured over 36cm tall.

The Wingrove family held their own World Cup celebration, and all enjoyed a slice of the trophy to celebrate!

I wonder where bespoke client requests will take me next..

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