The Standing Shar-Pei

I love the feeling of that first email from a customer, who gets in touch because they have a visionary image they would like to see.. in cake form. I mean – it’s something pretty special.

A wonderful lady contacted me, to tell me of her beloved pooch, a Shar-Pei – who travelled the rainbow bridge 20 years ago but is forever in her heart.

When someone comes to me sharing the passion, desire, and thoughtfulness over a cake design, I do everything I can to bring their ideas and vision to life.. real cake-life.

Behind the scenes and work in progress.. there’s as much joy and beauty in the process as there is in the finished masterpiece!

Just look at those rolls!

So here she is – the finished beauty. This order was an absolute pleasure to fulfil – even with the journey down the M4!

Next February I am (Covid-dependant *insert eye roll here*) teaching a structured Shar-Pei class – check it out here and see if you fancy joining me! 😍😍

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