The Wild Wolf Tutorial

Well hello! I’ve been creating online tutorials for almost a year now, and I’m still amazed at how well they have been received and even more blown away by the phenomenal results students from all over the world have been able to produce.

You’ve only got to look over some recent blogs here, to not only see the level of skill and incredible sculpts that my students have made, but also you’ll hopefully get the jist of how proud I am to have this gang as my students!

I’m always dreaming up, thinking up and jotting down ideas for the next sculpting tutorial to bring to my students.. and I couldn’t avoid the fact that there has been a steady and persistent noisy chorus of chants for structured cake tutorials!

To being with, I resisted because you need big girls pants and power tools to create gravity defying, fully structured cakes, but alas, I’ve been persuaded!

So hear she is – in all her beautiful and striking glory ❤️

My students have jumped all over the launch of this course – I mean, it’s MASSIVE value for money; you can check out the details here.

Here’s a snippet of the process – what do you reckon?

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