A Cat Lovers Wedding Cake

Birman Cats
Birman Cats
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When Leanne approached me asking if I could sculpt her two beloved Birman cats as their wedding cake I knew I was in for a treat. They decided to have Pippin laid down with his paws stretched out as that was his favourite pose and Pippin would be sat behind.

Each cat was a different flavour with Merry being Coffee flavour with champagne buttercream and a decadent pistachio crunch. Pippin was a refreshing Lemon cake with a lime jelly and coconut buttercream.

Leanne and Nathaniel were married at the beautiful Le Tabooth in Colchester with their perfect cat cakes sitting centre stage in the middle of the monogrammed dance floor.

Leanne was so in love with her cake she even sent me a photo of them making the ceremonial cut! Don’t they make a stunning couple – perfectly matched to their incredibly beautiful Birman cats.

Thank you for choosing me to bring your amazing cat cake sculpture to life.

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