Welcome to the Party Sloth – because, why not!

One of my next classes (date to be confirmed, cheers covid!) at the wonderful Langley Burrell in Wiltshire, is this wonderfully fun, fancy and joyful Party Sloth.

Doesn’t she

look delighted

and ready

to party!?

With her long claws, thick brown and slightly-greenish coat, shout snout and big eyes, I can’t wait to see what my students create. Topped off with a pink party hat and birthday cake – this couldn’t be more joyful if I tried! I don’t normally ‘humanise’ animal sculpts for classes, but with the Sloth’s natural ‘smile, coupled with the fact of us all needing a lighter, brighter 2021, I felt it appropriate!

My classes teach how to build rock solid supports, carve, fill, crumbcoat, cover, create hyper-real detail, texture, airbrush and hand-paint.

So, I’m starting 2021 as I mean to go on – carving cake, with the hope of returning to face-to-face classes soon, and with a party hat.

What’s your favourite feature? I see joy in her eyes (although they’re completely blind in bright daylight!) and her short snuffling nose.

Did you know.. Sloths are three times stronger than humans! From the moment they are born, sloths are able to lift their entire body weight upwards with just one arm.. how mad is that! And – they are faster in water than on land. They spend most of their times in the trees, but they’re surprisingly good swimmers. They can swim through water three times faster than they can move on ground!

With all of these amazing attributes and more – a party hat is firmly the way forward for this new class. Hope to see you there! Fancy it? Get in touch at [email protected], or find me on Facebook or Instagram!

Whilst I’m here – have you ever heard the joke about the sloth crossing the road? Ah, never mind – it’d take too long…

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