What do you get when you mix hyper-realistic cakes with a computer (CGI) whizz!?

Talk about a collaboration made in heaven!

So – what happens when you mix a hyper-realistic cakes made by me with YouTube sensation all-star influencer Brandon Baum? You get ‘The weirdest video you’ll see today!!’ That’s what.

And I’d tend to agree with him…

As if that isn’t enough CGI meets cake fun and games he also created this video as well playing the ‘which is cake game’ with friends before slicing through his own (cake) hand just to add to the laughs…

To start with Brandon commissioned a couple of pieces of fruit to play tricks on his 1 mill+ followers. But you know what happens when two creative minds bounce off each other – so very quickly it became a whole cake fruit basket full of cake fruit and then evolved again with the addition of two all cakes hands to play with as well. There is the best part of 100 hours in this commission from my side, trying to get every detail as hyper realistic as possible before Brandon took over and added his magic-weaving CGI skills.

The result is just staggeringly good fun and I don’t even mind that his friends destroyed my hours and hours of hard work and this lovingly created hand-weaved fruit basket in seconds… honestly. *coughs.*

Even better than all that, Brandon doesn’t just film awesome CGI, mind-bending videos – he also films ‘how to’s’ for all his videos walking you through how he creates all his amazing video edits! So although the chances of any of us mere mortals ever being able to create what he does they make for a fascinating watch! It’s definitely ‘fall down a rabbit hole’ stuff though, so make a cuppa before having a look!

With your expert trained eye would you have been able to guess what’s cake and what’s not though? Add in CGI tricks and all is not as it seems even then! I bloomin love it all!! Dream client stuff!

Check out this video of how he puts it all together – imagine if my The Cake Illusionist Sculpting School tutorials were all CGI. How much easier would it be! LOL!

A collaboration of epic proportions. More of these please!

What do you think? Have you ever fooled anyone with food inspired cakes or creepily realistic body parts? I’d love to see them!

Hit reply and show me?

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